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Working from home Here are 7 ways to Stay Productive and Safe

?1- ESTABLISH A MORNING ROUTINE: You will get more done and finish earlier, too. ?2- PRIVATE SPACE : It can be certain chair and TV tray, or even your bed with the door closed.but you need a specific space that signals to your brain that you’re on the clock. ?3- PREPARE YOUR TECH: Fast internet,… Read More »

Online form analyzer for webbots form fields finder

As a webbot developer i need to analyze my target website’s form to check what are the fields that i will deal with them and get as much information as possible about the form so i decided to develop a tool to analyze the online forms, it will give you a detailed information about the… Read More »

PHP scraping using DOM and XPath tutorial

Table of contents Intorduction DOM Tree Terminology What are Nodes? Retrieve your document Prepare your file using Tidy DOM Returned values Locating Nodes Load document A single element example A list of elements example XPath XPath Conditions XPath real example Resources Introduction To scrape data from a website you will need to look first into the… Read More »

php cURL class

This is an easy to use PHP/cURL class to handle most needed tasks Table of Contents Installation To download file Post Form GET form Retrieve Header basic authentication Returned Data Options Download How to examples Installation To utilize this class, first import curl.class.php into your project, and require it. require_once (‘curl.class.php’); Download file $curl =… Read More »

كتاب سطر أوامر لينُكس عربي

لقد قام الاستاذ عبد اللطيف ايمش بترجمة اشهر كتاب اجنبي عن استخدام اوامر نظام التشغيل لينكس ليسهل تحميل الكتاب   وقد قمت بفضل الله برفع الكتاب على الموقع هنا برابط مباشر واليك مختويات الكتاب المقدمة تمهيد الباب الأول: أساسيات سطر الأوامر الفصل الأول: ما هي ال دَ صددَفة الفصل الثاني: الإبحار في نظام الملفات الفصل الثالث:… Read More »

URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel

It’s a PHP script allows your visitors to shorten their URLs, with a powerful administration panel which allows you to manage everything from searching for links to manage social networks settings The script offers a single URL shortening and Multi URLs shortening The single URL shortening comes with 3 options to set ( name, size… Read More »

كيف تصبح هاكر

كتبها: إيريك ستيفين ريموند Eric Steven Raymond Original: How To Become A Hacker Revision 28/2/2005 esr Thyrsus Enterprises <> ترجمت بواسطة: عبدالله ابراهيم Copyright © 2007,2014 Eric S. Raymond, Rick Moen جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمترجم: عبدالله ابراهيم الفهرس لماذا كتبت هذا المقال؟ من هو الهاكر؟ ثقافة الهاكرز 1- العالم مليئ بالمشاكل التي تنتظر الحل 2- لا يجب… Read More »

Cool Contact WordPress Plugin

The Cool Contact is an easy to install and use contact form that allows your visitors to send you messages by simply insert cool_contact inside 2 braces to any page and contact form will appear the plugin uses a separate language file to easily translate the plugin into any language, it supports only English so… Read More »

easy way to remotely connect to mysql database

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a user on your MySQL server to connect remotely. The following items are assumed: You have access to login as the ‘root’ MySQL user Getting your IP address You will need to know what the IP address you are connecting from. To find this you can go… Read More »