URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel

By | 09/12/2014
URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel



It’s a PHP script allows your visitors to shorten their URLs, with a powerful administration panel which allows you to manage everything from searching for links to manage social networks settings The script offers a single URL shortening and Multi URLs shortening The single URL shortening comes with 3 options to set ( name, size and the owner) It offers 2 pages of Ads until showing the original URL, this feature will help you earn more money and all of that can be manage from the powerful Admin Panel


  • You can set a wait time before showing the original URL
  • Very powerful admin panel
  • Support for adding new admins with different privileges
  • Social sharing features
  • Very customizable template
  • PHP/MySql powered
  • 2 pages of ads to earn money
  • LESS files and compiled CSS included
  • Fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll
  • Adsense, analytics support
  • Powered by 3 different charts show important data
  • Has a built-in search tool for links ( Admin Panel )
  • Close or open the site with a custom message in case of closing the site


How to shorten a URL

This video shows how it works


  •  Decompress the zip file
  • upload the content to where you want to install the script
  • Create a database and import the data.sql file into it ( found in database folder )
  • Open includes/config.php and edit the database details
  • Login to the admin panel using the default credentials username ( admin ) password ( 12345 )
  • Edit the website setting inside the admin panel
  • templates_c and admin/templates_c set permission to 755


  • PHP 5.x
  • Mysql database
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled.