Working from home Here are 7 ways to Stay Productive and Safe

By | 18/03/2020

🔹1- ESTABLISH A MORNING ROUTINE: You will get more done and finish earlier, too.
🔹2- PRIVATE SPACE : It can be certain chair and TV tray, or even your bed with the door closed.but you need a specific space that signals to your brain that you’re on the clock.
🔹3- PREPARE YOUR TECH: Fast internet, decent headphones, and web camera.
🔹4- GOALS: Plan your top 3 objectives for the day before your start working.
🔹5-TAKE BREAKS: Stand up, stretch. Go for a short walk.
🔹6- MAKE A WEEKLY PLAN: On Fridays, take a moment to plan the next week and outline the most important tasks you need to accomplish.
🔹7-END OF DAY: You’ve done a great job to stay organized and focused throughout the day, and now it’s time to turn off the work mode.

*Enjoy and feel free to add more….😉👏

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