php contact us script

By | 01/09/2013

php contact us script

it’s an easy to setup and free submit form i call it Contact us pro because i added many professional programming techniques to enhance the functionality of the submit form and to use the maximum security measures to protect you from spammers
the contact us pro submit form comes with the following professional features:

  • is an AJAX / PHP submit form with spam protection, submit form validation and custom form elements.
  • utilizes FormCheck for submit form validation
  • utf-8 encoding of the email to support international characters
  • Cool New Success / Fail images
  • prevent spammers injecting headers into your PHP mail
  • sends an email to the site owner including extra information about the sender such as his/her IP address
  • sends a confirmation email to the sender including a copy of their message


  •  unzip files and edit the file: handle.php
  • add your own details ($replyemail)
  • upload to your server (to a new folder if required)
  • Open the URL in your browser, and test it


For demo and any farther information or help you can contact me at
contact me page


download the contact us pro submit form from the following link

contact us pro submit form